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Our mission


Delicious vegan food

We create delicious vegan food for all, made with love and a commitment to quality.

Fresh veggies

Fresh veggies, savory plant-based “meats”, seasoned sauces, gluten-free options, and a staff who can’t wait to serve you!

Same but different

You won’t be able to taste the difference with all this flavor and you can be confident in your choice to try something different.

Vegan Heroes started in early 2019 as a dark kitchen at Strijp-S, Eindhoven.

Vegan Heroes started in early 2019 as a dark kitchen at Strijp-S, Eindhoven.  It was an immediate hit and continued to gain popularity, eventually open for take-away and then as a fully functioning restaurant.  We’ve come a long way and have grown into what we are today, but one thing remains the same – we’re still here, making mouth-watering vegan food with a sassy attitude and rebellious nature. Indulgent, delicious, accessible and with a lot of heart.

Whether you’re a die-hard vegan, trying it for the first time,  or anything in-between, we welcome you whole-heartedly.

We’re not here to convince you of anything but how delicious our food is! Let us satisfy your taste buds and keep you coming back for more.  Not all heroes wear capes and we applaud individual choice and the courage to try something different. We pride ourselves in being all-inclusive no matter what your choices are.

We’re just happy to serve you.

Because that is what Vegan Heroes represents – a community filled with kindness, compassion, and vegan food for all.

Feel like being a hero?

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