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Fresh, Fierce & f*cking good. If you can’t taste the difference why choose cruelty? Not all heroes wear capes. So let’s be vegan heroes together, for a better tomorrow. no need for a reservation, you can just walk in and sit down. see you soon!

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our story

Vegan heroes if you boil it down to its essence is a love story. Not only between two people atypical to mainstream society. But very much about our relationship to nature and our choices. Created from a desire for food. Resembling our favorite fast food but minus the cruelty aspect. Showing the world that plant-based products can and will fuel all the desires non vegan products do and more.

Vegan heroes started in early 2019 as a dark kitchen at Strijp-S, Eindhoven. As soon as our doors opened we exploded, and not much later the location opened for takeaway and eventually as a restaurant. After almost two years with many ups and many downs, Vegan Heroes still is Eindhoven’s vegan sweet heart with a sassy and brassy attitude and a rebellious nature. Indulgent, delicious, accessible and with a lot of heart. Because that is what Vegan Heroes represents, the future, filled with kindness, compassion but a little vulgar and a little spicy.

food & drinks

Gorgeous food for gorgeous people. Colorful, feisty and full of love. We create food that is accessible for everyone. Sharing food is sharing joy. And besides reducing harm, veganism is all about enabling joy. Together we are sexier than alone. Bon appetitty!

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Vegan? Lettuce know!

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“To love, means love for everything.”

Vegan Heroes

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For questions about pending orders don’t hestitate to call +31683178897.


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