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Veganism and sustainability: A delicious connection

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Have you ever wondered how the food you eat affects the environment? If yes, would you believe that coming to grab a bite at Vegan Heroes can help Eindhoven become a city of the future? Read on to discover how beneficial your meal choice is for the environment.

Eindhoven is a city that aspires to be a city of tomorrow and has already accomplished notable progress with its vibrant designs, imaginative architectural choices, and innovative responses to environmental issues affecting society. Although, proud of its position as the Netherlands’ second-greenest city there is still a cloud of worrying facts related to nationwide meat consumption which must be addressed for an environmentally friendly future. That’s where Vegan Heroes steps in, showing us what it means to be a hero in the face of such challenges. Vegan Heroes chooses their suppliers and products wisely. For example, not using animal meat or dairy in our restaurant concept vastly contributes to being a more sustainable restaurant than the ones who do it. A study in 2021 conducted by University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign professor Atul Jainhave revealed that the meat and dairy industry is responsible for almost 60% of food-related greenhouse emissions, whereas plant-based production is two times less than that. We are proud to be vegan!

Our packaging is provided by De Jong Disposables, and they are committed to being 100% natural and recyclable. Bidfood is another reliable supplier that has a goal to eliminate single-use plastic products regarding catering supplies. We agree with their goal to induce sustainable, recyclable packaging and that’s why we use it ourselves. It is important to mention that at Vegan Heroes we recently made a change and now have reusable plates and cutlery for in-house dining. We are trying to reduce waste as much as possible.

Furthermore, we are delighted to offer you a glass of L’auratae biological wines from Italy provided by local company Kurk organic wines. If you are more of a caffeine gall, we offer a wide array of hot beverages using Noord coffee, which is local to the Brabant area.  Our restaurant is here not only to serve food but also to help reduce meat consumption and demonstrate our commitment to the environment. Veganism and sustainability exhibit an unbreakable connection at Vegan Heroes. Our restaurant’s menu is filled with mouth-watering vegan junk food options that do more than just excite your taste buds – they align with Eindhoven’s grand vision for a more sustainable future. It’s incredible to think that by simply choosing to dine at Vegan Heroes, both residents and visitors can make an active contribution towards a more sustainable Eindhoven. It’s a step in the movement towards a better tomorrow that starts with each meal, each choice, and each bite.

So, the next time you ponder how your meal impacts the environment, remember that Vegan Heroes and Eindhoven are crafting a delicious connection between veganism and sustainability. Your dining experience here is about more than savoring great food; it’s about being a part of something bigger, something transformative – a city, a restaurant, and a community working hand in hand to build a brighter, greener, and more sustainable future for all.

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